Health Information Management Systems

The effective use of health information is critical to the success of most health agency functions. The PIHOA Health Information Management Systems Initiative aims to assist member jurisdictions to improve the capture and use of data across the domains of vital statistics, community based surveys, medical records including electronic health records, disease registries, administrative data and IT networks. The Initiative was established by the PIHOA Board in 2010.

Ongoing initiative activities include:

  • Health information technology, health informatics and related skills-building networking and training activities for the health workforce
  • Assistance with assessment and planning for improved health information systems
  • Consultant recruitment service for health agencies in the region
  • A health information technology contract review service
  • Coordination of data-related activities among development partner agencies, regional professional associations, educational institutions, and categorical public health program funding agencies.
  • Development of consensus indicators and assembly of regional surveillance data for health issues of particular concern (e.g. Non-Communicable Diseases)
  • Development of regional consensus standards for HIS, (both for jurisdictions and also for data requests/requirements by external agencies)

Resources and Tools

The following resources and tools have been made available to assist with the development, maintenance and improvmement of health information management systems.

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Health IS and Health IT Literature

Pacific Islands Health Information Systems and Health Information Technology Literature.

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Past PIHOA HIS-IT Related Meetings

Information on prvious PIHOA Health Information Management Systems and Information-Technology Related Meetings is posted here when available.

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