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Policy Engagement and Collaboration

Engagement and Collaboration section aims to provide overarching policy-making information that could be taken by each jurisdiction and customized, depending on the needs, resources and customary practices of the jurisdiction.

Engagement and Collaboration section focuses on tools and techniques in effective community engagement between wide groups of people to multisectoral partnerships beyond the health sector. This section encompasses practical templates of community engagement planning as well as best-practices from other communities that could be valuable and adaptable to the USAPI. It also emphasizes sustaining stakeholders’ support and political momentum through collaboration. It incorporates cultural considerations in collaboration activities, as well as guiding principles for public policy and community action.

Engagement and Collaboration is broken down into 3 subparts:

(1) Community Engagement and Collaboration

Includes guides that may be useful when working with traditional and cultural leaders, and tools and guides for multisectoral partnerships as well as stories from the Pacific related to collaborative works.

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(2) Appendices

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(3) Supplemental Materials

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