Policy 101
Health in All Policies

Health Policies 101

Policy 101 section aims to provide overarching policy-making information that could be taken by each jurisdiction and customized, depending on the needs, resources and customary practices of the jurisdiction.

The goal of this section is to provide a concrete and valuable resource for individuals, government agencies and community-based organizations in the United States Affiliated Pacific Islands (USAPI) in activities related to health policy-making in the local and national level. Containing six subparts, each addressing components related to health policy planning and implementation processes, this section aims to be a one-stop resource for all USAPI policy-related needs.

Policy 101 is broken down into 6 subparts:

(1) Policy 101

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(2) Things to Consider: Intended and Unintended Consequences of Policies

Focusing on the general to specific steps in the policy-making process—from departmental assessments, garnering support from key stakeholders, drafting a bill, and ultimately, to passing and implementation

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(3) Capacity Building

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(4) Appendices

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(5) Supplemental Materials

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(6) Additional Resources

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