51st PIHOA Conference

From Consensus to Action: Operationalizing the NCD Crisis Response

The 51st PIHOA meeting was designed to address the mandates of PIHOA Resolution 48-01, Declaring a Regional State of Health Emergency due to the Epidemic of Non-Communicable Diseases in the United States Affiliated Pacific Islands. The purpose of the meeting was to assist PIHOA members, including health agencies and affiliating regional associations, with translating down into concrete community action the NCD policy mandates recently issued from diverse leadership bodies such as the Micronesian Chief Executives Summit, the Association of Pacific Island Legislatures, the Traditional Leaders Conference, the Pacific Ministers Meeting, the Pacific Islands Forum, the World Health Assembly of the WHO, the UN High-Level Summit on NCDs, and PIHOA itself. To this end, participants developed a regional "mobilization framework" that will provide the structure for coordinating, implementing, monitoring and evaluating a regional NCD road map.

Meeting Documents

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Plenary Documents

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Panel Presentations

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Country-Specific Presentations

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Affiliate Organizations

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51st PIHOA Conference