52nd PIHOA Conference: Guam, June 2012

Managing Regionalism for Health in the US-Affiliated Pacific Islands

The 52nd Annual PIHOA Meeting proposed and increased consensus among PIHOA member states and their development partners for viable regional strategies that increase--or are prerequisites to increasing--the positive health impact of interventions by non-governmental organizations, foreign governments, and/or the United States in the US-Affiliated Pacific Islands. US interventions include, for example, the military buildup, the Compacts of Free Association with RMI, FSM and Palau, Compact impact in Guam and CNMI, and US Federal domestic assistance programs. The meeting gave special consideration to how interventions can and do effect Non-Communicable Diseases (NCD) and Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTD) in PIHOA Member states.

Meeting Documents

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Day One: Open Plenary

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Day One: Country Presentations

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Day Two: Open Plenary

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Day Three: Open Plenary

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52nd PIHOA Conference (Guam, June 2012)