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The quarterly PIHOA E-Newsletter features news, upcoming events, and resources for the U.S. Affiliated Pacific Islands health community. To subscribe to future E-Newsletters and Media Announcements please email your contact information to info@pihoa.org or billieh@pihoa.org.

PIHOA Newsletter - Quarter 1: May 2016

PIHOA Newsletter - Quarter 2: August 2016

PIHOA Newsletter - Quarter 3: October 2016

PIHOA Newsletter - Quarter 4: January 2017

PIHOA Newsletter - Quarter 1: March 2017


"The Heartbeat," Doctors and Dentist for Tomorrow Program (DDFT) Newsletters:

DDFT Newsletter - Vol 1, Issue 1

DDFT Newsletter - Vol 1, Issue 2

DDFT Newsletter - Vol 1, Issue 3

DDFT Newsletter - Vol 1, Issue 4




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